An Autumn Mood Board + A Playlist

Call me basic if you will, but there’s nothing I love more than the autumn season. Also the actual word ‘autumn’. I wish we used that word here in the States, rather than ‘fall’. It sounds so much more poetic.

I wish I could take a walk in the morning with the crisp air, my shoes crunching on leaves, and the feeling like you’re the only person awake. Or to snuggle in a warm blanket while it gently rains outside, sipping on hot cider and reading a good book. I wish I could wear all of my favorite sweaters, boots, and scarves without sweating like a pig.

I wish all of these things, and yet…global warming is giving us 80 degree days in the middle of October. The fact that my favorite season is slowly becoming non-existent has me feeling very depressed. Anyone who knows me well knows that summer is my least favorite season. I detest being hot, the sun hates me, and I’d much rather wear a sweater than a tank top. While I enjoy the IDEA of summer, in reality, it’s most definitely not for me. Now, I could make an entire post just about global warming (how some people STILL think it doesn’t exist is beyond me), but I don’t want this post to be about that.

Instead, I’ve carefully created (with the help of Pinterest) a selection of images that reflect what I really wish was my reality right now. I’ve also been cultivating a Spotify playlist filled with songs that, to me, put me in a very autumnal mood (which you can find below).


Mood Board

All images are from Pinterest, and you can click here to find where they’re originally from.

The Best Lip Colors for Fall – Two Might Be Surprising!

Fall is my favorite time of year…for lip colors (and basically everything else too, let’s be honest). There’s something about a berry or dark red that really puts me in a good mood. And the fact that darker colors really pop against my super pale skin is a plus, too.

Today I’m sharing the best lip colors I’ve come across for the fall season. They’re all mostly on the darker side, with a couple of exceptions…

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All the Books on My Fall Reading List

There’s really nothing more that I like during the fall season than sitting with a good book and a warm cup of something. I never plan on reading any books in particular during any particular season. The only exception? I always read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone during Christmas. I’ve just always done it since I was a kid.

Today I’d like to share with you all of the books I’ll be (trying) to finish this fall. AKA just all of the books I’ve unnecessarily bought over the summer.

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Fall Clothing Wishlist – Sezane, Zara, & Madewell

Is it fall weather out yet? NOPE. As I’m sitting here writing this, it is currently 80 DEGREES OUTSIDE. It is almost OCTOBER. How some people claim global warming is beyond me, but that’s an entirely different topic…

This post is about all the items I’m currently eyeing for my fall wardrobe, not a heated debate topic that really shouldn’t be a debate.

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5 Changes I’m Making to My Makeup Routine for Fall


As I’m updating my wardrobe for chillier weather, I’m reminded that my makeup routine probably needs a few changes as well. Over the summer, I was wearing less makeup than I’d ever been. I always gravitate towards the idea of “natural beauty” for the warmer months, mainly since I hate being hot and having a load of makeup on my face just makes me even more miserable. But fall is definitely on it’s way to Virginia, and it’s giving me an itch to pile some more makeup on ma face.

Below are the top 5 things I’m changing to my makeup routine to get me ready for fall!

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