Where I’ve Been – An Update

So….yes. I haven’t posted anything in about a month. Which I think is alright sometimes. My actual job has been getting a lot busier now that we’re coming close to the end of the year, which stresses me out to no end. I’ve been really unfocused and unmotivated to post just about anything, but I’m starting to get excited again. Mainly because Christmas is upon is, and I’m VERY VERY thrilled to be participating in Blogmas this year.


I’m one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music as soon as November 1st hits. It’s always been my favorite time of year, since I was a child, really. So needless to say, I’ve been prepping for Blogmas (ALREADY, yes), for the past week or so.

And I think that’s it! I’ll be keeping up with posting about once a week now that I’ve had a needed break, and I’ll keep getting more excited ABOUT BLOGMAS! WHAAAAT.