5 Changes I’m Making to My Makeup Routine for Fall


As I’m updating my wardrobe for chillier weather, I’m reminded that my makeup routine probably needs a few changes as well. Over the summer, I was wearing less makeup than I’d ever been. I always gravitate towards the idea of “natural beauty” for the warmer months, mainly since I hate being hot and having a load of makeup on my face just makes me even more miserable. But fall is definitely on it’s way to Virginia, and it’s giving me an itch to pile some more makeup on ma face.

Below are the top 5 things I’m changing to my makeup routine to get me ready for fall!

A Darker Lip…

I feel like this one’s a no brainer (for me, at least). I always associate dark lip colors to fall and winter, so it makes sense for me to start wearing those dark reds and berry tones again. And to be honest, I’m very excited. I’m super duper pale, so I love wearing darker colors on my lips since it’s a huge contrast. I can also get down with some light pinks and nudes, but the darks are definitely my favorite.

A Little More Coverage Now…

Over the summer, I was mainly using light to medium foundations. 9 times out of 10, I was wearing Glossier’s Skin Tint and Glossier’s Stretch Concealer as my only coverage. This was great since it didn’t feel like I was sweating off my makeup. But since it’s getting a little cooler out, I’m looking into more medium to full coverage foundations, and more matte than dewy.

Liquid Eyeliner…

If I ever did wear eyeliner in the summer, I always used a pencil, and I’d do a little tiny flick instead of a full-on cat eye. But you know what pairs great with a dark lip color? A liquid eyeliner cat eye and a few swipes of mascara. Just perfect.

Let’s Actually Wear Some Eyeshadow…

I get SO freakin lazy with wearing eyeshadow in the summer. Normally I just sweep a neutral cream shadow all over my lids and call it a day. But not in fall, baby! Let’s bring out those eyeshadow palettes, shall we? I’m looking at you, Nubian Palette (I posted about it here).

Contouring, Maybe…

Oh, I am STILL on the fence about the whole contouring shindig. I know my face probably needs it (I have a pretty round, fat face), but whenever I try, it just seems like TOO much, and I end up blending it out into basically nothing. So this is going to be my one challenge for this fall.


Anyone else make any changes to their makeup routine when the seasons change? Lemme know!

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