The Ordinary Colours Review Pt. 1 – Serum Foundation

It took about a month or so, but I’m so glad I got my hands on these. I think The Ordinary has been a super hyped up skincare line for the past months, and when the launched their Colours, everyone went bananas (including me, let’s be real).

You can get their products on a whole bunch of different sites (including Asos and Beautylish), but I get mine from Deciem. You should definitely go and check Deciem out, they have a ton of different brands that they sell and they all seem pretty amazing.

I decided to split up this review into 2 parts – the different formulas really deserve their own blog post, right? The Serum Foundation was up first since I was working from home today and not really planning on going anywhere except Target.

I ordered both of the foundations in the lightest shade available – 1.0, which is for very fair skin with pink undertones. When I swatched them (below), the first thought I had was “these seem super yellow”. I think the color ended up working fine; it’s not the best shade match for my skin, but I’ve only found one foundation ever that matches my skin perfectly, so I wasn’t expecting much!
The Serum Foundation is super duper liquid-y, it kind of just poured out of the pump instead of…pumping out, I guess? It was very messy to deal with. It felt really nice going on though – very lightweight, I can see this being good for summer and sweatiness. I used a wet Real Techniques spongeĀ for half of my face, and then a brush for the other half. And to be honest, they both looked the same to me coverage-wise. I did have to go in with the sponge on the brush side to even things out a bit.

With just the Serum Foundation

This is a lightweight, moderate coverage pigment, so you can still see redness (which I have a lot of), and some acne spots. Other makeup did blend out really nicely on top, and there was only a tad bit of oxidizing that happened.

With makeup on top

All in all, I really like this for days where I don’t want a crap-ton of makeup sitting on my face. And it’s only $6.70!!!! I still don’t understand how The Ordinary can make tons of amazing products that are mostly all under $10. Like, that’s crazy insane.

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