5 Changes I’m Making to My Makeup Routine for Fall


As I’m updating my wardrobe for chillier weather, I’m reminded that my makeup routine probably needs a few changes as well. Over the summer, I was wearing less makeup than I’d ever been. I always gravitate towards the idea of “natural beauty” for the warmer months, mainly since I hate being hot and having a load of makeup on my face just makes me even more miserable. But fall is definitely on it’s way to Virginia, and it’s giving me an itch to pile some more makeup on ma face.

Below are the top 5 things I’m changing to my makeup routine to get me ready for fall!

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Monthly Favorites – July & August

Summer is officially ending, and I couldn’t be happier (although it’ll probably still feel like summer until October…oh Virginia weather). I’ve slowly been stocking up on sweaters, boots, and yes, all of my favorite Bath and Body Works fall candles. There isn’t really a time I look forward to more than fall time. Except for Christmas. But that’s a WHOLE other ballpark.

I didn’t do a July favorites post, so I’m combining it with my August favorites. Which turned out pretty well, since I didn’t try a lot of new things in August.

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