An Autumn Mood Board + A Playlist

Call me basic if you will, but there’s nothing I love more than the autumn season. Also the actual word ‘autumn’. I wish we used that word here in the States, rather than ‘fall’. It sounds so much more poetic.

I wish I could take a walk in the morning with the crisp air, my shoes crunching on leaves, and the feeling like you’re the only person awake. Or to snuggle in a warm blanket while it gently rains outside, sipping on hot cider and reading a good book. I wish I could wear all of my favorite sweaters, boots, and scarves without sweating like a pig.

I wish all of these things, and yet…global warming is giving us 80 degree days in the middle of October. The fact that my favorite season is slowly becoming non-existent has me feeling very depressed. Anyone who knows me well knows that summer is my least favorite season. I detest being hot, the sun hates me, and I’d much rather wear a sweater than a tank top. While I enjoy the IDEA of summer, in reality, it’s most definitely not for me. Now, I could make an entire post just about global warming (how some people STILL think it doesn’t exist is beyond me), but I don’t want this post to be about that.

Instead, I’ve carefully created (with the help of Pinterest) a selection of images that reflect what I really wish was my reality right now. I’ve also been cultivating a Spotify playlist filled with songs that, to me, put me in a very autumnal mood (which you can find below).


Mood Board

All images are from Pinterest, and you can click here to find where they’re originally from.

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