Currently Craving – Slogan Tees

Have slogan tees always been on trend? If not, I have no idea when they became so popular. I’ve been putting off on getting some, since my style is very simple and not too “out there”; I was a little afraid that slogan tees were a little loud. But ya know what? Fuck it. I want one.

For some reason, 90% of the ones I’m drawn too are in French, and I kind of dig it. Although out of all the ones I included in this post, the one I want most is the “Pro-Feminism Pro-Cats” shirt. That and the duck one.

Image sources:

  1. Peachy
  2. Amour
  3. You Me Oui
  4. Oui
  5. La Femme
  6. Avec des Fleurs
  7. Pro-Feminism Pro-Cats
  8. Chicks Before Pricks
  9. Duck With Bread

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