My Top 4 Favorite Bath & Body Works Candles – Fall Edition

So Bath & Body Works had a buy 2 get 2 free candle sale a couple of weeks ago, and I took full advantage of it.

About a week after that they were having a buy 3 get 3 free sale, and I cursed myself for not holding out for another week (do I really need 6 MORE candles…nope, not really). Oh well, life moves on.

Anyways, since the fall scent range had just released, I decided to get 4 of my favorite fall-scented candles. I make sure to always get these 4 every year, and they all just smell AMAZING. I’ve always loved Bath and Body Works candle packaging, but these ones that I got are so great. They also all have huge raised pumpkins on the top, which aren’t very practical (you can’t really stack them), but are awfully cute.


  • flannel: crisp autumn air, bergamot, heirloom mahogany, soft musk
  • sweater weather: fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus, fresh woods
  • autumn: bright red gala apple, juicy fig, eucalyptus leaf, fir balsam
  • leaves: crisp red apple, golden nectar, warm clove spice

Autumn is definitely the one that reminds me the most of, well, autumn. Something about the way the apple mixes with the balsam, I think. It makes me think of chilly fall days, apple cider, and reading my favorite book.

I think Leaves could be good for both fall and winter time. The apple leans more towards fall, but then adding the clove in there reminds me more of like, Christams/winter time. It’s a great, warm-smelling candle that I like to use especially on cold rainy days.

Sweater weather smells just like it’s name – crisp autumn mornings, crunching on leaves while being cozy in a large sweater. What more can you want?

And my absolute favorite – flannel. I normally have to buy at least 2 of these before the Christmas candles start popping up. There’s just something about this that I absolutely love. I’m pretty positive it’s the bergamot. Literally so me anything with bergamot and I am ALL over it.

What are your favorite fall scents? Are any of my favorite candles your favorite candles? Lemme know!





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