The Ordinary Colours Review Pt. 2 – Coverage Foundation

Welcome to part 2 of the Ordinary Colours Review! Sorry it’s taken so long to post – with work, my mom’s birthday, and father’s day all in the last week and half, it’s been a tad busy. But onto the review!

The Coverage Foundation is supposed to have more pigment than the Serum Foundation, and that is definitely true. It’s also a lot thicker in consistency, which I do like better than then super duper runniness of the Serum Foundation.

Looking very sleepy, with just the foundation

The thing I noticed immediately when putting this on was that it clung to some of my dryer areas on my forehead. It’s also one of those foundations where, even after it’s been on for a few hours, you can touch your face and it kinda just comes off on your finger.

With makeup on top

Overall, I do prefer the Serum Foundation, especially since we’re in the midst of summer right now. I might come back to the Coverage Foundation when it gets to be fall, but it’ll probably go into the ever-growing bag of items to give to my sister.

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